Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Shenanigans

Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. But my memories of this one will last forever. We had such a good Christmas this year. I'll start with Christmas Eve. As has been the tradition for the last three years, we have hosted my husband's side of the family for Christmas Eve. While they were growing up, that was always the night that they celebrated Christmas and it still works well for us today because we always know that Christmas Eve is for his side and Christmas Day is for my side. Then no one has to share! I love it!
Anyway, we went to the very early 3:00 pm church service at our church. I thought it was nice but my husband thought that things were a little too jazzy. Don't mess with his Christmas Carols. Leave them traditional please!
When we got home, we did a quick straighten-up before everyone came over. Here we are greeting our first guests.

Judy helped me by taking lots and lots of pictures this year. Thanks, Judy! I would have missed out on a lot of shots. Including this one where I have no idea what Hayley is doing but it must be pretty funny judging from the look on Amy's face!

Here are several of the cousins with the sign that I made earlier in the evening, which is a message to their aunt (my sister-in-law) who lives in Texas. We wish she and her family had been able to join us this year.

So for part of my and Deanna's presents from various members of Anne's family, she had included photos of our husbands as little boys that she had blown up and framed, We thought they were super cute and had our husbands pose with their photo. As you can see from their body language, they had a message for their little sister. Hee-hee!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Blizzard

The year was 1982, I was seventeen years old and I had been dating a boy for about a year and a half. I invited him to come to Christmas Eve services with me and my family and then come back to the house for snacks, etc. It was going to be great because I LOVE Christmas Eve and the boy I loved would be there to share it with me.

It had already been snowing for awhile when he left his house and he walked over since a.) we were all going to drive down to church together and b) his car wasn't exactly a snow car. This was not the first time he had been to my house, of course and he knew there would be a crowd. Everyone was there. My mom and dad. My grandma. My two older sisters and their husbands, and the younger four siblings. We all ate dinner and hung out talking around the table for awhile and then we received a phone call from someone at church that services were being cancelled because of the blizzard conditions. We looked out and it was amazing how much snow had fallen in such a short period of time! But this was Colorado after all and snow is kinda normal in the winter. Duh!

Everyone was having a good time, playing games, watching TV movies, making out in the basement. Um, that sounds bad. It was really just me and him making out. Not everyone else. Ahem, moving on. . . it's just that no one was in a big hurry to leave.

And it's a good thing too because there was no way any one COULD leave! The roads were awful and the snow was so deep that my sisters and their husbands and my Grandma decided to just stay the night. I was so looking forward to my boyfriend spending the night too. Nothing dirty I promise (!) but it would be fun to have him around for the morning festivities, that's all!

Around 11:30 or so, I went to ask my dad.

"Dad? Is it okay if Tim just spends the night too?"

"Absolutely not."

"But, Dad! The roads are REALLY bad. And there is NO way he can walk home in this."

"I'll take him home. That's what four wheel drive is for."

So out we went to clean off the Suburban and get him home. We headed down our street and it was clear that we were the only idiots on the road. There was NO one else around. We didn't see anyone, no plow drivers, nothing. This ended up being a good thing because it there was absolutely no way we were going to be able to observe any rules of the road. No stopping for stop signs. No stopping for red lights. If we didn't keep that truck in motion it was going to get stuck for sure.

When we were about a block from Tim's house, my dad told him that he was just going to slow down and that Tim would have to just jump from the truck. I totally thought he was kidding and started laughing. When he didn't laugh along, I knew he was serious. When we got to his street, my dad slowed down to about 5 mph and Tim opened up the door and jumped out. I pulled the door closed from the inside and we just kept driving! I looked back and saw Tim making his way through the three feet of snow and knew that he'd get home just fine. Dad and I drove up the next main street to work our way back home. It was really slow going and took us about 30 minutes to do what normally would take 5.

That boyfriend became my husband and he and my dad always had a great time retelling this story. It's always fun to see people's faces when I ask them, "Wanna hear about the time my dad made my boyfriend jump out of a moving car?"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Talk Me Down

We in the Denver area currently have our own "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration" going on right now with a huge cold front that has come through town. Seriously? -18? That's just nuts!

And the cold weather has made me want to stay inside, watch "The Office" on DVD, and do crafts. Which brings us to my newest obsession. The Big Shot. Isn't she a beaut? This woman , by her creatively genius mind and seriously cute ideas, has single-handedly created a monster in me. Should I buy it? Should I wait and ask for it for my birthday? But what if I don't get it? And do I really need it? Or will it join others on eBay who thought they were going to a permanent home where they would be loved for all time, only to be discarded when the next best thing came along. (Which reminds me, did any one else ever think their dolls would be jealous of the other toys if you played with them more?). I have my Stampin' Up consultant standing by on speed dial just in case I decide I can't live without it. They even sell a set that includes the Big Shot and all the accessories needed to "create splendid projects in a breeze"! "I wanna create splendid projects in a breeze NOW" (said in my best Veruca Salt voice).

So who's gonna talk me down? Or help me up on the bandwagon?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Friday Shopping

Shopping on Black Friday is not something I ever thought I would do. I hate crowds and just the thought of pushing through throngs of unhappy shoppers makes me cringe. Big time. A and I talked about it and while we didn't really need to do much for Christmas shopping we did need to get her a new pair of jeans and some shampoo. Black Friday is a good time to do this, no? OMIGOSH! We had the Best. Time. Ever!

Our day started off at 5:30 a.m. with a quick stop at Starbucks for coffee and sustenance (aka Pumpkin Loaf). We ate our delicious breakfast on our way to our first stop, JC Penney. We were totally surprised that there were not too many cars in the lot. Anyway, so we go in and head for the clothing section and make our selections. We were in the fitting room for only about 15 minutes and when we came out it was like the whole store had exploded with customers! They were everywhere! In fact, there were two ladies who were starting to strip down right in the dressing room hallway when we were leaving. Hello? This is not just a ladies dressing room!

So anyway, we had our jeans and went over to look at coats. While we were being ridiculous (as we almost ALWAYS are when we are together) we could hear people laughing a few feet away from us. We looked over and saw the same two ladies from the dressing room and they were removing a dress from a mannequin! Then the one stood there holding the mannequin's arms while the other took the dress back to the dressing room for round two. It was hilarious! When the first decided that it was indeed the dress she wanted she and her friend looked around for another dress so the mannequin would not be left naked and armless. I am sad that I never thought to strip a mannequin in search of the perfect outfit. *Pout*.

Target was our next adventure. We had the whole health and beauty section to ourselves! Seems no one wanted to buy shampoo on Black Friday. Who knew? We loaded our cart with shampoo, toothpaste, a pair of shoes, some Christmas dish towels, a shower curtain and The Office dvd's. Not a present in sight.

By now we were tired so we hit the grocery store and then came home. But there was so much fun and ridiculousness! We had a great time and think that this might just be a new tradition for us. Oh! And we ended up with the greatest deals. Nothing we bought was full price and we got A a $200 coat for $89.99. And The Office seasons 2 and 3 for $13.98 each. You can't beat deals like that!