Monday, September 29, 2008

Costco, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

So when did Costco quit selling Playtex tampons? Do that many people really prefer Tampax? Does anyone know how to reach the powers that be at Costco to demand the return of my preferred tub'o'tampons?

Because, really? It's like adding insult to injury to have to pay $6.77 for 36 at The Dark Side.

That is all.

Another Weekend Come and Gone

Another bleary-eyed Monday morning here. WHY can I not get a decent night's sleep on Sunday nights? It's been that way for years so I don't know why I'm surprised anymore. Buy I even took an Ambien! That should make it all better, right? Except I kept dreaming that my sister was moving to another house and that another sister was taking over the current house. And sister #1 was making me tell sister #2 that the house had large mice. "No, no, they are NOT rats! Just large mice." Weird!

Anyway, it was a quick weekend. T gave our computer a virus on Friday by clicking on to some weird website. Both the anti-virus and spy ware programs popped up to warn of the virus but it was too late. So now my computer is in the shop and I am having withdrawals from all my daily surfing. I had to borrow this computer to blog, but I don't have any of my bookmarks on it so it's not so good for surfing.

Saturday was CSU Band Days for marching band. It was absolutely gorgeous in Fort Collins and it was a fun day. GMHS took 2nd place in 4A competition and 3rd place overall. They thought they sucked but they looked good to us! It will help tremendously when the have their whole show on the field.

Yesterday was absolutely FULL of puttering-style housework. I love to putter. I dusted and vacuumed the living room, polished the furniture in the dining room, baked cookies (chocolate chips with nuts), did about 10 loads of laundry, changed the sheets and blankets on the bed, and read a few chapters in my book. I also went to Costco and then to The Dark Side (Wal-Mart) which is another story in itself. Doesn't that sound like enough to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep last night?

Maybe a small nap this afternoon might be in order.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sisters and The Names They Call Me

I just finished reading a great book by Megan Crane called Names My Sisters Call Me. In it she tells a story of three sisters who have been estranged for 6 years mainly because of the actions of the middle sister at the older sister's wedding. It is a great story and I recommend it to anyone who has sisters.

At the back of the book she lists "5 names your sister calls you when she thinks you can't hear her. (or worse, when she's certain you can)". Those five names are Bossy, Snobby, Crazy, Selfish, and Just Like Mom.

Um, like those are BAD things? See, my sisters call me three of the five (that I know about). And I'm okay with that. Let's discuss.

First off is bossy. Being the third of seven children, I think this one just goes without saying. My bossiness comes out mostly when either people are indecisive or not following The Rules. It drives me batty to try to get together with people and decide on a restaurant or activity. Some people say "I don't care where we go" but when you make a suggestion, they say no. If you have a preference, say so. If you don't then that means anything I say is okay with you. Just DECIDE already!

Second is snobby. I AM but not how she means it in the book. She is talking about disapproving of one's life choices. I am snobby about sheets, ice cream and manners. And other things that I will think of later I'm sure. :)

Last is Just Like Mom. My mom can drive me nuts sometimes. But she's a strong, smart woman who does her own thing. And I am proud to be just like her!

Crazy and Selfish I haven't heard yet. But its still early in the week.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Perfect Saturday Plans

I love, love, love when I get a Saturday to just kinda do what I want. Today is one of those days! I must be excited because when else do I get up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning. Um, never, that's when.

T is off riding his mountain bike over mountains, down in valleys, and back up the mountain again. Hopefully there will be much riding and not much crashing. See, he rides with other medical professionals. You would think that would be a good thing, wouldn't you? Um, not really. When any of them crash, sure, someone will come back and check to make sure they are not dead. But anything less than death will get you a big ol' "That's gonna leave a mark! Let's ride!". It really warms your heart, right?

A is at band rehearsal all day. Again. The season hasn't even really began (first competition is this Tuesday) and she is already done. It will get better once the performances start, but rehearsals are getting to be pretty boring by this point. Today they are doing a demonstration for the parents but I can't go since I will be waiting for the cable man. Or woman, I guess. At any rate, I will see their performance for the first time on Tuesday evening. In a way, I'm glad. It will keep it a surprise for that much longer. And it's not like I don't get to see it 8 more times before the season ends.

So today I am on my own. I plan to go shopping for some new jeans, some new tops, maybe a new necklace. I want to get a dress, but first I need to find some shoes that a) don't look stupid with dresses and b) still feel comfortable.

I'd like to do some sewing, clean up my scrapbook table and start designing my Christmas cards for this year. I also want to make some of this delicious looking fall mix from bSunday Baker to share at marching competition this week.

All this time I will be waiting for aforementioned cable person. Yes, today I am getting more than the ghetto cable that I currently have. The Colbert Report shall be mine! And HGTV! And Animal Planet!

Oh wait. Once the cable person leaves, all the rest of my plans may be down the drain. Shoot.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ten Things I Love

So, here I am starting a new blog. As you get to know me you will find out WAY more than you ever wanted to. But just to start things off, here are ten things I LOVE (in no particular order):

1. Fall, Autumn, whatever season it almost is (yay!)
2. Yellow labs
3. Driving fast
4. Iced tea
5. Reading books on a rainy afternoon, followed by a nap.
6. Having an afternoon to myself
7. Filling in boxes, you know, like on surveys and applications (it's a sickness that runs in my family)
8. Having a 17 year old daughter
9. Office supplies
10. Being at home

Now you! Tell me 10 things you love!