Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ten Things I Love

So, here I am starting a new blog. As you get to know me you will find out WAY more than you ever wanted to. But just to start things off, here are ten things I LOVE (in no particular order):

1. Fall, Autumn, whatever season it almost is (yay!)
2. Yellow labs
3. Driving fast
4. Iced tea
5. Reading books on a rainy afternoon, followed by a nap.
6. Having an afternoon to myself
7. Filling in boxes, you know, like on surveys and applications (it's a sickness that runs in my family)
8. Having a 17 year old daughter
9. Office supplies
10. Being at home

Now you! Tell me 10 things you love!


suburban prep said...

1. stationery
2. knitting
3. baking
4. travelling
5. caribou coffee coolers
6. Hot apple cider
7. Notre Dame Football games
8. going on cruises
9. my family
10. being healthy

Tiffany said...

1. crochet
2. traveling
3. baking
4. cooking
5. blogging
6. gardening
7. family
8. my guys aka my cats
9. reading other people's blogs
10. oh yes, husband too!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Ummmm all 10 of what you wrote... hmmm very .. very strange.. LOL LOL LOL.. except I'd have to add an 11th.. I love having a 13 year old son...