Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paper Clutter!

OMG! I am buried under paper clutter and don't know how to get out. Well, okay, I know how but I don't take my own advice to throw stuff out. I mean, what if for some reason I need to see my check stub from January 2008?

Today is my day to sort through stuff that has been sitting on my desk for a few months. And, honestly, I bet I could shred the whole stack of stuff and never even miss is. But instead, I am going though it piece by piece and deciding what should happen to it. Ugh.

I need to remind myself that going through my files at the end of each month would solve most of this problem. But old habits die hard! And the fact that I love all the file folders, staples, cute paperclips and other "file organization" ephemera doesn't help me. At. All. I would much rather make labels, file folders and filing systems with all the cool toys than to actually file stuff away.

Do you share this sickness?


KN said...

We are SO related. I'm worse about the paper, I think. Not that I'm confused about what should be saved, but by how long I think I need it. I'm good about dumping old paystubs, but I keep silly things like coupons I think I'll use.

I'm good about not keeping magazines now, though. I'm also good about sorting out the junk mail before it really "lands" anywhere.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Yes, yes, yes! I share your sickness. My biggest challenge right now is that I can't keep my desk cleared off, and when it's not cleared off, I can't get anything done. I just keep piling more stuff on. It's a vicious cycle.