Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Is No Fun Getting Old

Oh my gosh, guys! There has been much physical drama with me lately and I'm frankly a little bit sick of it!

I started having trouble with my left knee shortly after my daughter's graduation. If you have ever been to Red Rocks Amphitheater you know that is one gorgeous place and we were very fortunate to get to observe graduation there. But if you click on the link and look at the photos you can see that there are tons of stairs. In fact, the park is one of the more popular places around here to work out. All that running up and down the stairs and benches really works you out! So anyway, all that up and down the stairs irritated my knee.

It wasn't getting better so I went to the doctor who sent me to an orthopedist. He diagnosed me with chondromalacia patella. Basically, I have blistered the cartilage in my knee. So he prescribed physical therapy and I went. I went three times, learned some exercises, she ran electricity through my knee (THAT was weird!) and then when I wasn't really improving she sent me back to the doc.

Last Friday, I made an appointment on Monday for a follow up. Then on Saturday I was in my basement and the doorbell rang. So I took off up the stairs to see who it was and got about four or five steps up when POP! I heard and felt it in my knee and I was down. Oh my gosh it hurt!

So I kept my appointment on Monday and basically, nothing new is going on! It's still the same old cartilage problem. They gave me a cortisone shot that they said would make things feel better (it does NOT!) and he prescribed riding a stationary bike four days a week. Guys? Can you think of anything more boring? I have GOT to get this thing healed! It is driving me nuts. I mean, going on two months of it not feeling well and I have a sinking feeling that I am in for a long haul. I am going to do exactly what he says to do but I'm really scared it's never going to get better.

So if you are the praying type, can I ask you to pray for my knee to be restored? And for blessings on my family who have been so helpful to me? Thanks so much!


Araignee said...

My best friend had knee surgery last summer. My sister is having knee surgery tomorrow and my husband is having it next month. What's up with knees?

KN said...

Praying hard already!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Oh Girlfriend, I FEEL your pain. I'm getting sick and tired of all these old people ailments I keep getting and my knee is just one of them. I have a rotator cuff thing going on now and I'm just irritated. I love the electricity though. It's my fav.