Monday, March 30, 2009


So my daughter is having a dilemma and I thought I'd blog about it and see if I get any fabulous advice to pass along to her!

This is her senior year of high school. It is prom time. For the last few weeks she has been planning on going as a single but with a group of friends who were also going as singles. But just within the last week or two the group has started to fall apart. Some of the kids have coupled up with other kids, some are going with different groups, etc. So now she is trying to decide if she still wants to go at all. The group as it is right now is full of kids that she knows but she is not close to any of them and it's not like any of them run with the same group. It would not occur to any of them (including my daughter) to call any of the others up on a random weekend to just go hang out.

She did go to prom last year, and while she had a good time it wasn't as fun as she thought it was going to be. Her date and his group of friends were pretty new to her and it was just a little awkward. So it's not like she would look back and say "Gee, I never even went to prom!". But she is having feelings like if she doesn't go that she is going to feel guilty.

She has thought about going to visit her best friend that weekend. Her friend is a really good girl and I have absolutely no qualms about her going. The friend attends the same college that my daughter will be attending in the fall so that would sort of be a fun weekend since they'll get a bit of a preview of what next year could be like.

So, should she go to prom with the group (even as it morphs into something else yet again)? Or should she have a girls weekend with her BFF?


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hmm...that is tough. I went to Prom twice in high school. but not my senior year. There are times I wish I had just gone to spend that time with my friends. Is there a boy she could ask just as a friend, so that she could maybe go as a large group with some of her closer friends?

Yeah, I'm Still Here... said...

What a coincidence... I dropped in to say thanks for stopping by my blog and was surprised to see that we have something in common!

My son (also a senior) is facing a similar situation, except he'll most likely stay home and do nothing if he doesn't go. And do you think he could ask a girl out? Not a chance, too shy when it comes right down to it, though he'd never admit it.

If he had the choice to go to a friends, I think I'd encourage that. Sometimes proms just aren't worth the stress they can create. They just aren't for everyone.

Good luck!

Knit Geek said...

Better late then never...

I faced an identical choice myeslf when I was a senior. I went to spend the weekend with my best friend at her school in Georgia. And I have never regretted it.