Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mean People Suck

Ok, so I know that I am a big person. And I have occassionaly received rude comments from people driving by or something. But what is happening to my sister in law is really bad.

She has gained weight over the last few years, which is not unheard of once you turn forty. She has been out of work due to surgery twice this year (broken ankle and hysterectomy). After this last surgery, she just started back to work this past week. Within one day she had two separate people come up to her and say something about her weight. The first guy said "Hey! Something about you looks different!" And she said, "Oh, I know! I have let my hair grow out a lot!" (Her hair was super short before and now is about chin length). He said "No, it's because of this" and put his hands out in front of him as if to show a Santa belly. Of course she was horrified and just said "That was not very nice of you to say" and walked away.

Not an hour later, a woman came up to her and said "God, girl! You have really packed it ON!" Um, this is helpful how? And these are people whom she works with? With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Like I said earlier, occasionally I get a rude comment about my weight to my face. And I'm sure people talk about me behind my back. But come on! A co-worker? (Okay in re-reading this I am reminded of a certain man I used to work with who made a comment after I offered him one of the pastries that I had brought in that day saying "No, I better not otherwise I'll look like you!" To which I replied, "Don't EVER be rude to me again!". )

I told her to move back to Colorado because we don't have nearly as many rude folks as they do where she lives. I just feel so bad for her because I know it feels to be judged only by how you look.

How about you? Have you ever experienced anything like this? How did you handle it?

Mean people suck.

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Kathi said...

People are so fricken rude!

Hey -- don't people know that everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas. Enuch!

Too funny: the word verification I have to type in to post my comment is "heavo." Waaah!