Monday, January 12, 2009


It was a very busy but productive weekend here! On Friday I took a class on how to use some of the features on my new sewing machine. I am SO excited to get to use it! I ended up having to leave it there for a day because something was not hooking right on the buttonholer but it is all fixed up now. But before I could really get into it, I decided that it really was time to clean up my crap, er, SCRAP and sewing area. I had worked on Christmas cards and some other projects before Christmas and I am the worst about putting things away when I am done with them. So my craft area was WAY out of hand. Wanna see some pictures? I bet you do! These will shock some people who think I always have it together.

Here is the end of my room where I keep my fabric, notions and on the bookcase are some scrap supplies. Pay no attention to the date; I clearly have my camera set to read dd/mm/yy instead of the regular way. I have since changed it because even though I know what it is, I still looked at this and said, "No, this was last week, not August!". (My blond is bottled but it seeps in).

Here is the same area after! Oooh! Aahhh!

Here is my actual scrapbook table. I had papers on here from LAST Christmas if you can believe it. No wonder I had to go buy new papers!

Now it is all spiffy clean! I just need to go through some of the actual photos and sort them out. That is what is stacked up on the left hand side. And you can't see it but my Big Shot is on the far left hand side of the table. Whee! It is SO cool!
Here is the disaster that is my cutting and sewing layout table. It was also used for wrapping gifts for Christmas so that's why there was paper and bows everywhere! What a sty. And that is NOT dirt on the chair in the foreground. It is the stain. Lovely, no? NO! Those chairs are getting painted black when I have the time. But for free it was hard to pass them up even if they are ugly!

And here it is all cleaned off with the exception of the new fabrics that I bought that I have to wash and the pattern for the skirt I just bought. Oh, and a gift bag that is currently holding my new bobbins, needles and other miscellany related to my new machine that is sitting there so pretty with it's white cover on so as to not get all dusty.

On Saturday, I attended a beading class where we made a lovely bracelet. Oh my gosh! Now I know why it is so expensive to buy handmade jewelry on Etsy! It is time consuming! And the crystals are spendy. But isn't it pretty? I love how this picture captures the prism colors from the crystal. It is really just crystal, black and pink. Amy likes it and that's who I made it for so it's a success!

How was YOUR weekend?


Kathi said...

Wow! Now you should come and organize MY house. . . :>

I love the bracelet. The pink one is awesome. I'm glad Amy likes it (though, really, who wouldn't?!!!)

I love your blog.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am SO jealous of your space to keep all your crafty stuff! I know how you feel about keeping it's so nice when everything is organized but most of the time I can't be bothered! :)

Sandy Toes said...

Great clean up!!!
-sandy toe